"In the end, it's not the years in life that count, it's the life in the years."
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865); President of the US (1861-1865)

Embracing Change©

  Do you sometimes suffer from pressure to perform and/or boredom?
✔ Do you sometimes feel that you are "lacking " something? Or rather a feeling "all is getting too much"? 
✔ Do feel uneasy about being alone? Or do you feel rather uncomfortable in the presence of other people?  

 And maybe you also believe that all this and more "is just the way it is" and can't be changed?  

The good News is: 

A change is possible at any age and leads to a significant increase in happiness and quality of life! And it does not matter whether you are a craftsman, a mental worker, a housewife, the nice person from next door or manager, sporty or unsporty, religious or not, diseased or healthy or whatsoever, because every life path is as unique as the person walking it.   

What is your personal challenge?

I would be happy to accompany you on your personal path to experience and anchor your very own and authentic vibrancy in your everyday life. If you like, you are in for an exciting journey into a more fulfilling future!   

About Me

Uta Schmelter

"Where we do not grant the space to recover to an attacked psyche, the causal disturbance manifests itself at another level within the human system, e.g. in form of conflict accumulation, inner restlessness, concentration and / or sleeping problems, pain and much more."   


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