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refers to unconscious and unconditional attachment to other people.

In the language of C.G. Jung also "projective submission" (false surrender) and in colloquial language known as "anticipatory" or "cadaveric" obedience.

Originally an early childhood and here quite sensible attachment pattern that serves to maintain our own existence respectively the supply for our material and emotional needs. This being specifically important, if the mother-child relation could - for whatever reasons - not be based on unconditional love.

In case of a natural, optimal self-development supported by successfully living through the phases of detachment (especially phases of defiance and adolescence), this can be transformed into healthy autonomy.

" Healthy autonomy " includes both conscious relatedness to other people (“we-awareness”) and to higher, supra-human forces (awareness of natural creational forces, also known as "God-consciousness” a/o similar terms).

In other words, the consciously embodied inclusion of our self in a larger context that cannot be experienced through our limited human mind. Or: acceptance of the mystical dimensions of our human and all existence (true surrender).

Unfortunately, in our Western culture, the rites of passage that used to accompany this process in ancient cultures have been lost.

However, the good news is that a correlating process of transformation can be activated and accompanied by guided rituals such as the initiations of shamanism.