« International Women’s Day March 8th, 2022

Foto: eternal-happiness / pexels.com

Do we really need such an annual reminder?

My answer is: yes and no.

Yes, as the female ways of life, expressed through qualities like love, compassion, nurturing, cooperation, intuition, unity, and peacemaking still lack sufficient space to be expressed and air to be breathed in our current collective state of society.

And at the same time my answer is “no”, as it is not so much a point of simply giving more space to women to express themselves and to bring back the female qualities into our society. What is really needed is for all of us to create space for those within ourselves and then express them through living them – from the inside out. No matter what gender we identify with.

Why? Well, as is very obvious in our world presently, only humans who

  • love themselves unconditionally, i.e. are able to embrace themselves even in their
  • shortcomings – which we all have –,
  • are not afraid of their own vulnerability,
  • know how to give themselves compassion and also
  • understand how to nuture themselves

will be able to refrain from abusing a/o misusing the lives and energies of other beings.

The good news is, that this way we all are able to contribute to the so very necessary change in this respect: we all carry female and male energies within us. And by doing our own inner work, we will then be able to create and plant the seeds to help rise both energy forms – male and female – in their most life supporting and powerful way in a natural balance and for the good of all.

Or, to quote the „Soul of Women“ , an initiative of the Fuji Declaration:

“Only when we are able to restore balance between the masculine and feminine energies, between the forces of love and power, can we fully ignite the divine spark in the spirit of humanity and open the door to a new era.”

So, let’s make this “day of remembrance” a “day of inclusive fusion”!