+++ Currently and until further notice I am engaged in public charity group projects and therefore I am not available for individual work / corporate mandates +++


How I work

I work with various methodical approaches from coaching, personality training and also therapy. However, my work does not represent a therapeutic approach as such and is not designed to replace therapy.
I am happy to work in a supportive and complementary manner together with medical and psychological therapists and also family doctors, internists and alternative practitioners.
I am also happy to accompany you on your path to find a suitable therapy spot and support you - if possible - during the time until you are able to start with your therapy.



Foundations of my work and philosophy

It is of utmost importance to me to comply with ethical, legal and professional standards in my work and thus to live up to the trust of my clients and mandators. Of course, I also respect the duty of confidentiality towards third parties. Additionally, I am a member of the german Academy for Potential Development and other international organizations.
For more information, please refer to the link below and the ticker at the bottom of the home page:

References for self-help

This reference I consider to be an extremely supportive book for dealing with extreme changes in uncertain times. You will be able to buy it any of the usual bookstores on- and offline:
Gregg Braden - Resilience from the Heart: The Power to Thrive in Life's Extremes

My own guidebook on self-help"Opening Space for Success - Embrace Change, Feel Fulfilled"will shortly be translated into english and then also be available as print and e-book version. .. ..

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Sneak Peak: Table of Content and Chapter 1


Further Alternatives for Self-Help

I am pleased to be able to refer to a basic information of the HeartMath® Institute (Video in english with german subtitles)
Presently the HeartMath®Institute offers a 90 min. training programm incl. scientific background information for free:

Subtitles in 8 languages included.

Please find below a helpfull information on how to deal with trauma with the tools provided by the HeartMath®Institute: