Love - only a feeling?

What does love mean to you?

A particular feeling?

Something that needs a very special day to make us remember?

What if I told you that love is everywhere, around us and inside us? A certain form of energy, which is life’s vital force, the “glue”, that keeps all life together? And which we are able to tap into, whenever we want if we know how to do this?

And even without needing anyone else for this! Does that sound tempting? Well, then let me explain what I mean by this.

Naturally, when we think of love, we mostly think of our relationship with other people. A mother with her child or children, for instance, our relationship with our partner with whom we share our life - or at least part of it - and maybe our siblings, friends and our pets.

But what about ourselves? Yes, of course, we know the term "self-love", but very few of us are really able to apply it.

Somehow this term may even feel "uncomfortable" for us, since many of us grew up with such sayings as "only the donkey calls himself first" or "don't take yourself so seriously". May be we also suffer because of others' displayed selfishness or egocentricity, and we really don't want to be like that ourselves. In addition, we often believe that our (self-)value is measured by what we have accumulated around us in the world outside and what thus is visible and perceptible also to others.

Thus an inner vacuum has grown in many of us, which has been further fuelled by the effects of the current global crisis. We feel as if we are "running out of breath" and we suffer from an increasing lack of energy and also the countless books, seminars and other materials only support us to a certain extent.

Why is that? Well, we simply haven't learned how to connect with ourselves and permanently stay connected in such a way that we notice early on what we need in order to satisfy our own natural and fundamental needs. And so we remain dependent to some extent on the benevolence of other people. Which in itself is not problematic - as long as it is based on reciprocity.

The global crisis has made it even more apparent that this sadly is not the case and many of us find themselves thrown back on ourselves without being able to find a way out of this challenge. How could we, since most of our parents, teachers and other caregivers - for a variety of reasons - have not been able to help themselves and thus provide us with the necessary tools to deal with such situations.

However, it makes little sense to look for answers by means of long analyses of what might have been at the root of all this, and it makes even less sense to accuse each other of failure or anything else.

So, what then would be a solution? Albert Einstein once said that "we cannot solve problems with the same way of thinking that created them". I can only agree with this, but at the same time I would like to add the components of experience and emotion.
Only if we adequately and consciously include these in our process of transformation is it possible for us to change our way of thinking in such a way that it no longer stands in the way of us having fresh and fulfilling (self-) experiences.

The fact that this is possible is shown to us by the findings of modern quantum physics - by the quantum field of unlimited possibilities. And by the way - at this point even Einstein was mistaken, as he did not want to acknowledge the existence of this field. And thus also proved his a.m. quote himself at the same time 😉.

So, let us give ourselves permission to look at our own world through new eyes again and again and thus not only to initiate our own and sometimes vital transformation, but also to ensure our own contribution to the positive transformation of our shared world.

In upcoming blog posts I will discuss some related topics in more detail.

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