About Me

"Where we do not provide sufficient space for an impacted psyche to recover, the causal impairments will manifest themselves at another level of the human system, e.g. as exhaustion, inner restlessness, concentration and/or sleep disorders, pain, and much more."

Uta Schmelter

This has proven itself to me again and again in decades of dealing with a wide variety of people in diverse (life) situations.

With a distinct sense for systemic imbalances and a clear awareness of existing limits to changeability, I am happy to accompany you on your path of recovery back to the joy of living. I will also show you ways, how you can support yourself in stressful situations in your everyday life in times to come.

It is a matter of course for me to take care of my own psycho-hygiene, i.e. through regular professional supervision, as well as ongoing further qualification.

Originally working successfully for many years in the financial industry, a few years ago I rediscovered my original professional motivation, this being working in service of people together with others. And so, at first, a qualification as state-licensed "Alternative Practitioner Psychotherapy" followed.„.

Through various other qualifications and advanced trainings, including as a certified Resilience Trainer and Business Coach, Psychological Counselor, QEF© Quantum Healing Practitioner and Quantum Kinesiology LifeCoach, as well as in trauma work (shamanic practices according to Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Somatic Experiencing® according to Dr. Peter Levine, in 01/2022 certified as “Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath® Certified Practitioner”) and Neuroscience, I have not only acquired valuable expertise and methodological skills, but have also been able to establish a sustainable network that allows me to wholeheartedly fulfill my original professional motivation.

I look forward to meeting you!