Full moon

Full moon - a time for many people associated with restlessness and sleep difficulties.

Although many of them do not really want to acknowledge this correlation, it does exist and has been confirmed by many projects, including scientific ones.

So, it is a very real phenomenon, even if we are not able to explain it in detail.

But if we are willing to do so, we may be able to use it for our own benefit.

The full moon regularly sheds light on things that otherwise lie hidden in the dark.

What if we were to take the regular recurrence of this phenomenon as an opportunity to let ourselves shed some light on things that lead to restlessness and also sleep difficulties for us, for example?

What if we regularly held space for ourselves to track down things that are obviously hiding in our "own darkness", i.e. in our unconscious, and thus lead to disturbances that prevent us from living a fulfilled, contented life?

How does this sound for you? You might ask yourself how we could do so.

Well, simply by directing the "light" of our consciousness time and again to that which feels "disturbing" within ourselves! Thus we create the foundation to be able to free ourselves step by step from unconscious imprints that no longer serve us and from our own inner burdens.

Indigenous people all over the world have used recurring natural phenomena, such as the phases of the moon, as the basis for certain rituals in order to align their lives into harmony with their own nature and nature as such.

Maybe an approach well worth adopting for us modern people to come more into alignment with our true nature, each other and our environment.

Let's be courageous and take new, unconventional and at the same time well-proven paths - towards a luminous future!

Foto: Sally Mitchell / pexels.com